Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Family, not always blood.

The world has gone mad again,
nothing makes any sense.
Poked and prodded for answers 
about where I stand
though I can't even find the fence.

We are all so complex,
no two alike
and yet we are constantly bombarded
to conform to someone else's image

like disembodied heads on a pike.

When did we forget it is OK
to disagree and have opinions?
Instead we shout and scream,
adhere to party lines
like some mastermind's minions.

I want to love you and you love me
without any reservation.
But because we can't see 
eye to eye and toe to toe
what is left amounts to hesitation.

I will not give up this dream
and keep you near my heart.
With all our flaws, individuality,
disagreements, views, likes and dislikes,
I will cherish even painful parts.

Falling Apart

When my demons bid me dance
it is not with gentle laughter,
They hit me from every direction,
until I am bruised and battered.

It is always violent,
the constant back and forth.
My blood on these walls splattered,
East, West, South, North.

When the discordant tune begins
I hope it will not last long.
Though like an endless melody
it keeps a steady song.

Where I begin and where I end,
are a mystery I can barely see.
I want to scream and cry
and be left alone, just me.

Too many depend upon
my non existent strength.
To escape them all
I would go to many lengths.

But here I am a dervish,
whirling to devilish tunes
though all you see is a smile
and gently called " hope to see you soon."

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Dropping on my head,
one day after the next,
a never ending supply,
of critical subtext.

Perfection is the goal,
set for me by the powers,
forget compassionate humanity,
be shiny soulless towers.

Scream in silence,
put on a bright face,
hang your soul at the door,
come take your place.

Keep up to excell,
look for no beauty,
barren witewashed walls,
the watchword is duty.

No room for good enough,
never a word to encourage,
don't be so sensitive,
embrace the scourge.